From BREEAM to zero-energy buildings

Sustainable building and sustainability are not just empty marketing concepts for Democo. We take an integrated sustainability approach to construction team projects. It is much more than a well-thought out choice of materials or energy-efficient technologies. Democo attaches importance to all the pillars holding up the sustainability concept: the environment, water, accessibility, etc. We imbue our sustainability approach with the BREEAM principles. Our internal sustainability manager keeps his finger on the pulse of new sustainable developments and where possible integrates these in our projects.

Our integrated sustainability approach begins with and also goes beyond the design phase or the building. We also play the sustainability card within our own site organisation. We monitor our power consumption and waste management on site, work with well-insulated and energy-efficient site huts, are open to interaction with stakeholders (e.g. local residents) and provide an easily accessible and secure site.

In practice, this means sustainable buildings. Before it became the required standard in Brussels, we constructed passive buildings and our construction team projects won awards because of their sustainable character. Recent examples include: Frontispies that was awarded the B√Ętiment Exemplaire in 2016, AXA Treurenberg that received the award for most innovative ecological building at the MIPIM real estate exhibition in Cannes (FR) in 2016.

Interested in our perspective on integrated sustainability? Contact Commercial Director Marc Vanhees (marc.vanhees / democo, be).