Overall approach from design to delivery

For Democo, an overall approach goes beyond just delivering a turnkey building. Well before the first brick is laid, we collaborate with you to ensure that the project is perfectly tailored to the client’s expectations and needs.

In the design phase, the specialists in our construction team department work with architects and civil engineers to find the most suitable solutions. Before the urban planning request is submitted, the client will see how successful we are at implementing the project within the deadline and budget. Moreover, the client has a clear understanding of the total cost of ownership and knows when he needs to perform specific maintenance activities. Throughout the design phase, the client can steer the choices that the construction team will make

The client will know ahead of the start of construction how he stands and not have to worry about making things happen. We can also relieve the client of concerns during the construction and/or maintenance phase. Working in our regional offices allows our teams to respond flexibly to any request.