Timing is crucial in a construction project. Working efficiently is the key to success in fulfilling commitments by the agreed deadline.

And, we can plan out that efficient way of working. We use LEAN principles to “construct” the project in mind. During this fictional construction project, we collaborate with the designers, general contractor, subcontractors and any suppliers to draw up the construction planning.

Working through all of the phases of the construction project together allows us to identify potential conflicts before the actual construction work starts and find practical solutions. At the same time, clear agreements are made during this phase. This saves us a great deal of time during the implementation phase. And that is the key to success in working with LEAN.

Democo uses this method consistently during its construction projects. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the options and outcomes from our LEAN approach. Contact Commercial Director Marc Vanhees (marc.vanhees / democo, be).