Our attention on sustainability, close collaborations with our construction partners and innovative solutions has won us awards. And we are proud of this and would like to share these with you:

  • Publica Award 2016 - Audience Award
    The Publica Awards were handed out for the first time this year, an initiative that shines the spotlight on the best public procurement contracts. The awards are handed out in four categories. Hassalink, the new city office in Hasselt, won the audience award in the category, “Most technically innovative public building”. Democo is one of the initiating contractors in this DBFM project.
  • Best PPP team
    Construction team collaborations is something imbued in our DNA. And, this was confirmed by the Flemish Government that handed us the PPP Award in 2011 for Sicurant, the temporary trade association in which Democo developed new depots for De Lijn in Bruges, Overijse and Zomergem.
  • MIPIM Award
    The very first zero-energy office building in Brussels - that Democo in a construction team with AXA, VK Engineering and Assar Architects implemented - won a prize at MIPIM in 2016. The project was awarded the prize for most innovative ecological building.
  • Aedificas Foundation Award
    The Aedificas Award is handed out by the eponymous organisation to stimulate social engagement. In 2014, Democo won the award for a construction team project with the Côte-à-côte NPO and architecture firm A2M. The team was involved in a unique residential living project in Louvain-la-Neuve to construct a passive building where young adults with physical disabilities could live independently.
  • Exemplary buildings
    Democo delivered an exemplary building in 2015, the Frontispies in Brussels. The passive building with 51 apartments, a Child & Family office and a school was jointly developed in the construction team with A2M. The BatEx project meets strict ecological requirements.
  • Environment and Sustainability Charter Limburg
    An evaluation committee of the province of Limburg recognised Democo in 2011 for the action taken by the company with respect to the environment and sustainability. Our organisation takes, among others, the following actions:
    • Monitoring of economic, social and environmental activities
    • CO2 neutrality
    • Eco-efficiency
    • Rational water use
    • Open communication
    • Integration of sustainability into the development of the business infrastructure
  • General Contractor of the year
    The Borealis chemicals group recognised Democo as the General Contractor of the year in 2011. This recognition was awarded because of the excellent service, quality, flexibility and safety-oriented approach taken at Borealis.
  • Best Construction Team
    In 2007, the construction association Bouwunie Limburg and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieurskamer (Royal Flemish Society of Engineers) recognised Democo for the quality of the construction team. We were awarded the distinction “ Best Construction Team” for the Euro Shoe Beringen project that we built in our collaboration with future owner Euro Shoe and Libost Group (Sweco).