Wuitenhart Hamme

The Wuitenhart project includes the construction of a new administrative center on the Rue Neuve. The city council will centralize all administrative services here.

Under the inner area, an underground car park will be constructed which can accommodate 196 cars. Around the site 38 apartments, three linked houses and a service area. The public domain will also receive a full transformation.

Administrative centre: 2.500
38 apartments: 4.196
Underground parking 196 pl .: 6.582
Renovation 3 terraced houses: 530 m²

Total: 13 808

Client: SPV Wuitenhart NV Hamme
Architect: Abscis Architecten, Provoost, Abetec, Buur
Period: Tot 2019
Website: http://www.wuitenhart.be/