De Lijn cluster II Bus depots Hasselt-Leuven-Sint-Niklaas

The project Cluster II of De Lijn includes the design and construction of a new sustainable bus depot at Hasselt, Leuven and Sint-Niklaas. Each depot includes a service center ( offices for administrative services), a workshop, a maintenance center, a large warehouse, a bus wash, a tank street and the necessary infrastructure works (roads, parking, green areas). 

In addition to the traditional building techniques (heating, ventilation, high and low voltage, sanitary, ...) the garage-techniques (compressed air, oil distribution, pistons, …) are also part of the project.

Buildings Hasselt : 15.300 m²
Parking Hasselt : 29.200 m²

Buildings Leuven : 5.700 m²
Parking Leuven : 42.600 m²

Buildings Sint-Niklaas : 2.400 m²
Parking Sint-Niklaas : 16.400 m²

Client: Hermes Infrastructure
Architect: Sweco (Grontmij)
Period: 2016