De Lijn cluster I Bus Depots Brugge/Overijse/Zomergem

Realization of the project Cluster I with the construction of a new bus depot in Bruges, Overijse and Zomergem De Lijn.

The project includes the design and construction of a new sustainable bus depot in Bruges, Overijse and Zomergem.

Each bus depot includes a service centre (offices for administrative services), a workshop, a maintenance centre, a spacious warehouse, a bus wash-street, a fuel station and the necessary infrastructure works (roads, parking, green areas).

Besides the classic building techniques (heating, ventilation, strong and weak current, sanitary, …) the garage techniques (compressed air, oil distribution, pistons, …) are also a part of the project. Furthermore 25 % of the power consumption at the depot is generated by solar panels.

Buildings in Bruges : 7.726 m²
Parking Bruges : 12.617 m²

Buildings in Overijse : 3.456 m²
Parking Overijse : 3. 456 m²

Buildings in Zomergem : 763 m²
Parking Zomergem : 3.656 m²

Client: Sicurant Brussel
Architect: Grontmij
Period: 2011