Sustainable buildings

In all future projects, we will only construct sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. For some time now, we have focused on the development, design, construction and maintenance of sustainable buildings. This has gained us extensive knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technologies. Our internal sustainability adviser analyses and advises in each project about feasibility and the best available technologies.

Passive buildings

Passive buildings have no more secrets for us. Our project managers are knowledgeable about and pay attention to airtightness and meticulous insulation. We know how to flawlessly integrate technologies in projects, for example, sun awnings, underground energy storage, concrete core activation, heat recovery or adiabatic cooling.

Our knowledge and partners ensure that each construction project is implemented in an energy efficient manner (including the use of subsidies). Democo can elaborate concepts for passive or zero-energy buildings for new construction - at an early or advanced stage - as well as renovations. We demonstrated this in practice with AXA Treurenberg.

Our references