Demtec Services, new player on maintenance market

Democo Group combines maintenance departmenets in new business

Democo Group established a new subsidiary, named Demtec Services. Within this new maintenance company, the construction group centralized all the maintenance services that existed within the various subsidiaries. Thanks to this merge, Demtec Services can perform structured and service oriented maintenance works all over the country.

The creation of Demtec Services is a logical step in the further professionalization of Democo Group. Until recently, each subsidiary company had its own maintenance department. By merging the maintenance departments of AEW, Van Den Briele and Democo, Democo Group obtains a structured maintenance organization. This organization can offer a wide range of maintenance orders : for electrical and sanitary installations, HVAC, solar panels, ... In adition, Demtec Services will also take care of the maintenance hatch in the DBFM projects realized by Democo and DMI Vastgoed. The M stands for 'Maintenance' in this formula. The contractor is responsible for the Design, Build, Financing and Maintenance of a building.

Usually this maintenance obligation is valid for a total of 24 to 30 years of the total period of provision. Demtec Services provides the group also with an advantage in knowledge. Through the maintenance organization, Democo Group gains valuable information about controlling and reducing the overall cost of living (Total Life Cycle cost) of a project. This offers distinct advantages in the design of new buildings.

Close to the customer
"With this merger, we can work more service oriented from Democo Group. In this way, we can better respond to questions, for example, from large chain stores who own dozens of branches," motivates Theo Helven - responsible for the technical companies within Democo Group - the creation of Demtec Services.

An asset which Demtec Services offers in this area is a presence close to the customer. "With offices in Hasselt, Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Waver, we are spread regionally. Thanks to this distribution we ensure a large operating range in both Flanders and Wallonia. Moreover, we operate today also in a market area in the southern Netherlands, "adds Frank Bollen, director of Demtec Services.

Rapid growth
Demtec Services aspires to have this fall 25 employees, including 20 workers, 4 project managers and 1 administrative assistant. The goal this year is a turnover of 2 to 3 million euro.
Earlier this year AEW Security was also established. This subsidiary within the technical group focuses on the B2B segment and provides security solutions such as burglar and fire alarms, CCTV and access control. This for placing new installations to mandatory annual maintenance of existing systems.

The 'Techniques' Department of Democo Group now counts five companies : Van Den Briele (HVAC & sanitary), AEW (electricity), AEW Green (solar panels and other renewable technologies), AEW Security (security) and newcomer Demtec Services (technical maintenance).

Demtec Services, new player on maintenance market
Demtec Services, new player on maintenance market