Democo believes its values are important because these provide a guideline to our staff and conveys a strong identity to our clients, suppliers, partners, subcontractors and the neighbours in the vicinity of our projects. Our entire organisation stands as one team behind four values:

The client as partner

A long-term relationship is the starting point in each collaboration we enter into, both with clients and other partners. We tailor our needs in a partnership into solution-focused and proactive thinking. Thus, we consider providing service to be paramount. This is how we create added value for involved parties.


As a family business, we believe continuity and value creation is crucial in the long term. We are respectful, proper and committed when working with our stakeholders, and in particular with our clients, staff, partners and affiliates, subcontractors and shareholders. We always meet our commitments.

More than quality

We exceed the expectations of our clients with respect to quality, terms and creative forms of collaboration because of our passion for construction and property, many years of experience, innovative focus, commitment and continuous follow-up on projects.


All staff stand as one as an engaged team behind the company value “integrity”, even more than quality and the client as partner. We work together in a positive and open setting to ensure we stand behind our values both at the work site and in the organisation.