Your general contractor for any construction project

As a general contractor, Democo manages all types of construction projects, including new construction and renovation of public, residential, commercial and office buildings, industrial complexes, engineering structures for infrastructure projects, and so on. We provide related services, from building shell to a turnkey building.

Construction team collaboration

In every construction project, we enter into a close collaboration with our clients and construction partners. Preferably, we work with our client right from the beginning at the design phase to develop a sustainable and economical solution. In addition to the design, the development and construction process, we can also provide advice concerning financing all the way through to the maintenance phase of the building. This ensures you make the most of our knowledge, experience and creativity.

Complete solutions

Democo stands for creative and innovative complete solutions, regardless of the type of construction work. We can demonstrate our experience for each kind of construction method and technology. We also guarantee a rapid and quality implementation without losing sight of cost controls and sustainable solutions.

Focus on quality

Going beyond the successful implementation of construction projects, Democo strives to be contractor who is cost-effective and focuses on quality and on which its clients and partners can rely on in the future. In 2015, Democo achieved a turnover of 228 million euros with its staff of 327 employees. We are recognised in the highest class 8, category D and E, are certified for the ISO 9001 quality standard since 1994, the VCA** safety standard since 1995 and later the ISO 14001 environmental standard. Democo is part of the Democo Group. This group employs 650 people and its turnover in 2015 was 289.5 million euro.